Spring Sweeties


Nothing says spring quite like these sweet chicks. Just three new additions to our flock this year, and all are Rhode Island Reds. They hatched at the very end of February and came to Coppertop at the start of March. May they grow to explore these gardens, gobble up harmful bugs, produce plenty of poop for the compost heap, and lay many delicious eggs.



14 thoughts on “Spring Sweeties

  1. That is a classic breed. It seems that everyone is always into the newest trendiest breed. I get tired of hearing about them. I still like the Rhode Island Red because they are good for both eggs and meat, and they are reasonably docile with each other. I had to give three to a neighbor. Their names were Drumstick, McNugget and Spot. They lived a few miles away, but McNugget kept coming back! I was amazed that not only did she find her way back, but that she did not get eaten by something out in the woods.


  2. I’m sure there is someone somewhere who doesn’t get giddy seeing chicks in the spring, but it’s not me. When I go to a feed store this time of year, I just roam from pen to pen checking them all out. Your three are beauties, and here’s hoping you see and enjoy many dozens of eggs in your future. 🙂


  3. I will be interested in hearing (seeing) how your flock grows and all of their shenanigans. I am one of those people that like to look at the chicks all huddled in the big bins at the store. They are so sweet and to hear their little peeps.Awwww.


    • This place wouldn’t quite feel like home without hens on the lawn! I would’ve rescued more from the big bins you mention, but we’re trying to keep our flock under a dozen — a challenge with all those cuties out there.


    • Yikes, four more inches!? I know you’re ready for green! We’ve had mild days in the 40s and 50s with chilly nights. Some afternoon showers in the forecast but (hopefully) no more snow. Fingers crossed.


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