Six On Saturday — July 4

Happy Independence Day, here in the U.S! My hope is that people act wisely and celebrate safely.

This week our weather has turned decidedly chilly and drizzly. It doesn’t feel much like summer. The cucumbers and squash are rebelling, but the peas couldn’t be happier. Peony season has been nicely extended!

ONE – Sweet peas are like their edible legume family members in how they appreciate the recent cool temps. Blooms on a few varieties that I grow up trellises all over Coppertop began in the past few weeks, but are really starting to take off now. Their perfume is unbeatable! King’s High Scent with the lavender edge continues to be the most fragrant.

TWO – An area of the garden with a trio of birdhouses is looking lovely currently. Spiraea and digitalis are featured here, including some new solid white foxgloves I started from seed this year.

THREE – 4th of July is the time for Coppertop strawberries, and we’ve been eating them by the handful. My sister, Meg, has already made us a delicious strawberry rhubarb crumble with some of the pickings. Yesterday I attempted to rescue many more before overnight showers could ruin them.

FOUR – Delphiniums signal the 4th of July here at Coppertop, and I can count on them blooming for the holiday. The blues are at their best.

FIVE – Also in the perennial beds, it’s the season for Campanula persicifolia or bellflowers to peek through other plants in many of the beds. As all gardeners know, these readily make their presence known! I don’t mind.

SIX – Finally, some before and after shots of the sunflower patch behind the garden shed. Shown are early June and early July contrasts. The slugs have had their way with plenty, but the first surviving flowers are slowly opening, revealing some interesting varieties. C’mon sun!

Thanks go to The Propagator  who faithfully hosts this weekly garden update and welcomes all contributions.