Where To Look?


Sunny days mean I’m outdoors way more than in. The veggie garden and transplanting many seed starts occupy a large portion of my time in the lovely spring air. As spring enters her stride, much is taking off in the garden right now, including weeds (That creeping buttercup is my nemesis!). Fellow garden bloggers and I are busy snapping photos of the beauty bursting all around. Here, tulips are a week or so away, but plenty of other blooms and new foliage keep me happy.

Hyacinth orientalis perfume the front of the house. This is one area where I love a crazy mix of cheerful colors.



Daphne odora have survived in pots on the deck and are finally blooming. Ah, the fragrance! So much for it being a winter daphne here. These lost over 50% of their leaves beneath the snow. I wheeled them into the garage for the last storms in February/March, after most of their upper buds were knocked off. I’ve killed a few daphnes, but was determined to grow them after a love affair with a massive, decades-old specimen in my Virginia garden years ago. I have three ‘Marginata’ and one ‘Summer Ice’ which was a gift from my son. Summer Ice was completely defoliated this winter yet has returned. It’s one that blooms from May-October here. Through trial and error I learned daphnes don’t tolerate our moist soil, so the pots will be their permanent home. I toy with the idea of using more beautiful pots, but these lightweight ones are so easy to move.

daphbloomdaphsummer ice

The old foundation I’ve mentioned each year since discovering it in 2014 is filled to capacity. Its location across the driveway from the front door draws my eye as I’m coming and going and makes me smile.

foundation from housefoundationfound2

It provides plenty of blooms to bring indoors and enjoy. The peach daffodils are from some tiny offsets or ‘daughter’ bulbs a sister in Mill Valley gave me; they produce larger flowers each year. More varieties of peach daffs are yet to open, even though we’re into the last third of April!