Early Spring Beauty

With all that’s changing in this world and our adjustments to life in the time of COVID-19, many things in the garden remain wonderfully, reassuringly constant: The arrival of spring and warmer days, blooming daffodils, crocuses, and hellebores, fat buds on trees, increased bird activity, lots of seed sowing, baby chicks, and an abundance of lush weeds.

A nice surprise has been how well our carrot crop lasted in-ground over the winter. Every month or so beginning August 2019 I dug pounds of carrots from the bed. Yesterday I dug the last couple of pounds from seed planted almost a year ago. My years of storing carrots in sand in our basement are over; from now on I’ll leave some in the soil and continue to harvest into springtime. This bounty prevailed despite over a foot of snow we received from a few snowstorms this year.

Earlier this week we brought home nine baby chicks to add to our flock. We’re raising three breeds that are new to us: New Hampshire Reds, Silver Laced Wyandottes, and Black Australorps. It’s a sweet, promising thing to hear chicks cheeping again.

Helllloooooo! There’s always one in a group…