Six On Saturday — June 23

Summer has arrived! Another Saturday means another Six from here in the Pacific Northwest. Two 80 degree days early in the week caused much in the garden to pop open, but we’ve been pretty cloudy and cool since.

ONE – At least this odd weather is extending peony season here, which can be so brief in most climates. That’s good news, since I adore peonies.



TWOSweet peas are perfuming the deck and other garden areas. I’m loving this combo, ‘Oxford and Cambridge’ with ‘White Supreme’ and one I’ve forgotten. They’ve reached five feet tall already.



THREE – When I head into the greenhouse to water my tomatoes and peppers, I’m greeted by volunteer poppies started many moons ago. In fact I didn’t plant the peony poppies, but the previous owners must have! If you’re easily offended by less-than-stellar greenhouse upkeep, look away. Soon the pale pink, frilly poppies will reach from the gravel to fill this space (I don’t have the heart to yank them), but the first is always this vibrant red.



FOUR – Campanula are just starting to bloom with their sweetly ringing, summery bells opening here at Coppertop. The Campanula sarastro is a favorite. These make me appreciate the yearly return of such faithful perennials without effort on my part.



 FIVE – Snow in June? A blanket of white covers an area near the stream. Not snow, just the annual viburnum petal drop. All in the cycle of bloom and grow. These enormous viburnums are due to be rather severely pruned, so next year’s blooms will be meager by comparison.



SIX – I’ve saved the best for last this week, I think. Delphiniums are just beginning to shine all over these gardens. I grow at least eight varieties since they thrive here. My love for them knows no bounds! No dwarves in these beauties, but plenty of doubles and unusuals. Most are Pacific Giant and Magic Fountain varieties started from seed. The photos tell the tale.


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