Six On Saturday — July 20

It’s been about a month since I posted a garden update, so it seems about time to join with garden bloggers worldwide again in Six on Saturday.

ONE – Roses galore! The new rose garden has produced many beautiful bouquets, including this silver rose bowl bouquet today of Lady Emma Hamilton and Pumpkin Patch roses.

TWO – Hydrangeas have begun blooming with these two macrophyllas and some paniculatas leading the way.

THREE – Son and I harvested many pounds of redcurrants, Ribes rubrum, from our five bushes near the orchard. I cooked them on the stove, then strained them through a berry bag to make juice, then cooked the juice with some sugar to make about six pints of jelly. Lest it seems we didn’t leave any for the birds, be assured they have plenty, and right now they also have ripe, native elderberries, or Sambucus racemosa, along the wilder edges of the garden.

FOUR – Sweet peas, Lathyrus odoratus, have been offering their wonderful fragrance for a few weeks now. I didn’t buy any new seed this year, saving a mix of seed from last year’s pods, but these pinks are pretty satisfying.

FIVE – Eight-foot tall Malva sylvestris, which we call zebra hollyhocks or zebrina here, are towering, unstaked, in the perennials. Nearby, some relatives from the Malvaceae family, Alcea ‘Halo Blush’, have just begun their growth spurt.

SIX – The Black Arches is a shady area of the garden featuring many vines. Right now ligularia and foxglove are blooming in its midst. It hasn’t been a very warm summer yet, but in August we will be happy to have this cool area.