Six On Saturday — October 6

It’s time for another Six on Saturday! Six things from the garden, from beauty to pests to projects. I join with gardeners worldwide to post a weekly update. More may be seen here on The Propagator’s site. Join in the fun!

ONE – Fall in her glory wows me. At every turn, or even just out the front door, the slanted light and vibrant colors proclaim the season. Our native bigleaf maples have begun their leaf drop, but haven’t quite turned to bronzy tones yet.



TWO – The native, bushy vine maples are standouts in the garden, turning redder each day. A couple of our specimens reach 15×15 feet.



THREE – The veggie beds and greenhouse continue to pump out great produce. I’ve pulled the bed covers out from storage to begin organizing protection for overwintering crops.



FOUR – Strong rainstorms overnight wreaked some havoc on the abundant dahlias, shown below, but I have plenty of beauties remaining to make big bouquets.



FIVE – Those same rainstorms mixed with morning dew and provided gorgeous crystals on the asparagus hedge in the morning light. No frost yet, thankfully.



SIX – I am excited to head down to family in California this week, where we’ll celebrate my dear mom’s 90th birthday. She’ll then come up with us for a few weeks at Coppertop. I’ve been thinking of fun projects for us, and one of them is making lekvar (Slivkový Lekvár), or prune jelly, according to our Slovak heritage. In preparation, I harvested six pounds of Italian prune plums this week, sliced and pitted them, then froze them for our jam-making session. These are most similar to European Damsons. I’m almost ready for you, Mom!  XOX