Six On Saturday — October 17

One of my goals this year is to spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying our garden before the rains and gray weather truly set in. In this pandemic, it makes sense for us all to live outdoors as much as we can. I read that outdoor heaters and fire pits are selling like hotcakes so that folks can extend the outdoor season most comfortably, at least in areas with low wildfire risk.

It seems the transition to autumn has been slower at Coppertop this year, with plants taking their sweet time to change color. I’m not sure how weather factors in. We’ve had no frosts but plenty of showers, including yesterday as I snapped these photos of some of the first color changes.

ONE – Virginia Creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia, is not invasive here and adds great color to one end of the Black Arches.

TWO – Some years peonies don’t color up as well as other years. Who knows why? This is shaping up to be a vibrant year for the peony foliage.

THREE – Coppertop is graced by a few native Vine Maples, Acer circinatum, which are pretty spectacular as the year progresses.

FOUR – Hydrangea Row is the area featuring our macrophyllas, and some bear foliage that transitions to fall hues.

FIVE – This Japanese barberry shrub, Berberis thunbergii, is a beauty right now.

SIX – Roses continue to bloom, despite wet weather. Shown are Graham Thomas, Princess Anne, Connie’s Sandstorm, and Lady Emma Hamilton.

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