Six On Saturday — September 22

It’s the most bountiful time of the year!

Garden bloggers near and far post each Saturday to fill each other in on their garden’s progress. This was all started by The Propagator whose comment section holds links to gardens and their keepers worldwide.

ONEApples continue to ripen, and we’ve now picked many pounds (maybe a couple hundred?) from all four trees. Most become cider, sauce, and crisps, but we store plenty in cool spots like the basement and garage for fresh eating. This is the best year yet for our sweet/tart reddish apples, still unidentified. Oh so juicy. Their success is due in large part to my sister M.C.’s excellent thinning work when she visited in late June.



TWO – Not to be outdone by the apples, tomatoes are going gangbusters in the greenhouse. Uneven watering (mea culpa) led to some splitting, but the deliciousness of these heirlooms can’t be beat. All five varieties I grew this year continue to produce.



THREE – Growing near the tomatoes, our peppers have had a stellar year. One sweet pepper plant produced eight already, which may be a Coppertop record. Jalapeños are too numerous to count. I’ve been busy dicing and freezing for the months ahead.peppers


FOUR – We’re loving the abundant dahlias. I bring in blooms and also try to give away bouquets every other day to stay on top of things. Friday’s were particularly autumnal, but that’s because I didn’t venture down to the cutting beds that have the most pinks and purples.



FIVE – And autumnal is also the best word for this Northern Flicker feather I found on the deck. Such a beauty with that bright orange shaft. featherfeather2


SIX – For something completely unrelated, check out the glossy fruit and red stems on this large, graceful Aronia melanocarpa or Black Chokeberry. This shrub sits outside the garden shed, and it’s given us much beauty. I’m including a photo of its fall color from a previous October as we await this year’s show. These are now available in dwarf, mounding form as well. Great plant!


That’s it for today. I look forward to reading all the other Six on Saturday posts!