A Little More Springlike – May 28

I posted two weeks ago about our crazy, chilly spring. With less than a month remaining before summer officially begins, I can say that progress has finally been made. We hit 62F degrees (17C) in the past week! My contribution to the weekly meme of Six on Saturday over at The Propagator’s blog are six areas of the gardens that have most definitely awakened. No peonies or lupines yet, and even lilacs are struggling to open here, but there is progress.

ONE – The orchard is in bloom at last. It started with the cherry trees, progressed to the pear, peach, and plums, and now the apples have their turn. This orchard area holds 11 trees, including two dwarfs in pots.

TWO – Right next to the orchard, separated by a long row of raspberries, the vegetable garden approaches capacity. All that remains to be planted are the heat lovers — the summer squashes, pumpkins, cucumbers, and green beans. It’s still too chilly for them. I have worked diligently to fill the eighteen raised beds. Peas are already producing on one trellis, and the other is reserved for pole beans. I had seeded so many onions that after filling two beds with transplants, I chose to give up a raised bed in my cut flower area for more onions. We eat plenty of onions. 😉

THREE – On to some particularly pretty garden scenes. I’ve shown this pigsqueak Bergenia cordifolia before, and am eager for the irises behind it to bloom soon.

FOUR – Along a fence in deep shade, this long line of Brunnera macrophylla ‘Jack of Diamonds’ creates a lovely blue cloud.

FIVE – My rose garden is beginning to awaken, but barely. The lush chartreuse mounds of Geranium ‘Ann Folkard’ are an appealing sight with the fresh rose growth.

SIX – We’ll finish up and exit out the front door, where the ‘President Roosevelt’ rhododendron is doing his glorious thing.