Six On Saturday — April 6

We’ve been enjoying perfect spring weather for a few weeks which has allowed an abundance of garden time and also time for plants to catch up a bit after a crazy winter. I have been neglecting to post on Saturdays due to some trips and all the productive time in the garden. Forsythia and daffodils are in bloom, but it will be a while before the late, double daffodils open.

ONE – These faithful bulbs brighten our walkways and our dining table. Note the jaunty, 15-year-old beagle.

TWO – The first blooms in the perennial beds are always these Pulmonaria oficinalis.

THREE – Nearby, the native redcurrant bushes, Ribes sanguineum, are showing first signs of color. Soon, hummingbirds will be all over these.

FOUR – I’ve been adding new peony tubers to beds near the house where we can best enjoy their fragrance. Some are Itoh or intersectionals, and I’m hoping for a bounty of blooms as they mature. The original dozen tubers in a couple of beds are springing to life.

FIVE – A couple days ago I wrote a post about new plant purchases — an exciting time! The blue of the Corydalis flexuosa ‘Porcelain Blue’ are begging to be shared again.

SIX – A large portion of my time has been spent prepping the beds and planting out vegetable seedlings. So far, joining the overwintered cauliflower, kales, garlic, and leeks are snow peas, broccoli, cabbages, and lettuces. I’ve also direct sown spinach and carrots. WHEW!

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