Six On Saturday — May 5

I’ve been impressed with the beautiful posts submitted for Six on Saturday, a weekly concept or meme run by fellow garden blogger, The Propagator, from southeast England. I’m all for gaining inspiration by reading triumphs and challenges shared by gardeners worldwide, accompanied by some stunning photos. As The Propagator states: “Time for Six on Saturday – Six things, in the garden, on a Saturday. Could be anything. A flower, a pest, a plan, a failure, wildlife, foliage, anything at all. Join in!”

1. The tulip parade has begun in earnest. Lots of doubles this year, and Professor Rontgen parrot has been glorious. Beneath the birches, large barrels of oranges and purples are just joining the parade.


2. Two varieties of healthy garlic, Duganski and German Red, fill one bed in the veggie garden. I planted them in the fall, and they are growing by leaps and bounds in the spring sunshine.


3. Our young chicks will be moved from their pen in the shed to the big chicken house this weekend. Undoubtedly, the 10 older hens will introduce their pecking order, and these three Rhode Island reds will be firmly at the bottom for now.


4. The very last daffodils, large peach Delnashaugh, are hanging on. So glad I planted enough in my first year with these to bring plenty indoors. Many bulbs produced  two blossoms.


5. ‘Tis the season for Myosotis sylvatica or forget-me-nots dotting beds with their cheerful mix of pink and blue tiny flowers. While some view these as weeds, I’m charmed by them. Last year I started a white variety, and they’ve done well in one perennial bed.


6. Our three fruiting cherry trees are coming into full bloom. Pollinators are a-flurry and a peaceful “bzzzzz” fills the garden. We grow Rainier, Lapins, and Montmorency cherries.



17 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — May 5

    • Thanks, Lisa. I preserve garlic finely minced with olive oil in freezer cubes. That way I pop them out still frozen and add to recipes. Two years ago I grew such a huge batch that I haven’t needed to dedicate a bed to garlic until now! Happy Spring to you as well.


  1. I love the combo of peach and lilac. I saw these colors planted together at our botanical garden and thought, “Wow.” I’d never have thought of putting the combination together but what a punch. Beautiful!

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    • Thank you, Chloris. The pots help with squirrel damage since I can keep them well protected. Your posts have been gorgeous, and I’m inspired to plant fritallaria for next year because of you.


  2. Forget me not was exceptional this year, and it seems that others have been enjoying it as well. Our native houndstongue did well too. It is what works as forget me not in drier and more exposed areas.


  3. I am enjoying immensely the idea that the chickens have an actual rather than metaphorical pecking order, presumably the origin of that phrase. Welcome to Six on Saturday, hooe to see you again soon. Love the tulips.


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