The Show Has Begun!

Returning from a 10-day trip to the east coast, I am excited to see that Spring arrived at Coppertop while I was away. It’s daffodil time, and the newest masses of crocuses are also up at the front of the house. While these are the last of the crocuses, a few new varieties of daffs are yet to open.


Hyacinth time is almost in full swing as well. Muscari are the exception, blooming for a few weeks already. I’m partial to our older Hyacinth orientalis bulbs like these below that faithfully send up slender blooms year after year, not keeling beneath their own weight.


A mass of new, chubby hyacinth flowers from first-year bulbs will bloom soon in the newest front bed. Some can be seen past the crocuses below.hyanew

In the corner of that bed, our new Camellia japonica ‘Nuccio’s Pearl’ survived Coppertop’s frosty winter and began blooming recently. This is our only camellia, a test of sorts. Its mix of light and medium pink flowers are beautiful, although drooping under this week’s rain showers.


The blooms are not as I imagined  — the variety is purported to be white with pink edges — but are beautiful nonetheless. This could be a case of dreaded nursery mislabelling! I will give this plant time to see if future years bring the blooms I expected. Since it made it through the harsh winter at our high elevation, I don’t feel right ousting it. Good thing I like all pink, purple, and white out front. I may need expert advice on pruning this plant to give it the best shape.

Much work is required in the veggie garden now that I’m back, since the only things established in raised beds are garlic and onions. I’ve got carrots, lettuces, and beets to sow, plus healthy starts of all kinds of peas, beans, cabbages, radishes, broccoli, leeks, and more ready to dig in. Without any effort on my part, along one side of the garden the perennial asparagus row has begun to do its thing.


Finally, down in the shed and greenhouse, gardening friends kept things well watered and happy. I was greeted by these crazy, twining bean vines when I opened the shed door. I felt a bit like Jack preparing for a climb up a magic beanstalk.


The chicks, getting so big and in their new pen nearby, may have been wondering if the beans would reach them before I returned.





2 thoughts on “The Show Has Begun!

  1. Your crocuses are rad! I do not even bother with them anymore. They do not naturalize for us.
    All our spring blooms are done for not. We still have some of the last camellias. I will be posting pictures of them for a few weeks! They do quite well for us, but bloom at the end of winter when not many of us are out enjoying the garden.


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