Color Surprise

I’m certain many gardeners have planted bulbs and other flowering plants with color schemes in mind only to be hugely disappointed when the blooms emerge in unexpected hues. In particular, tulip advertisements and even their packaging can be misleading. This has been a bit of my experience this year.

‘Daydream’ tulips promised a pale orange glow which would suit this year’s pots of purple, white, and orange tulips I’d planned so well. At the end of April they were my very first tulips to bloom — in bright, clear yellow!


I’m glad to report that within a few days, I noticed a color change occurring as the flowers mellowed to an American cheese color.

As of yesterday, I’d call these same tulips the color of cantaloupe melon. Now I love them. Amazing transformation!



News from other beds includes the blooming of the old foundation, our fourth year to witness its beauty, and the blooming of one front bed loaded with hyacinths. A wonderful fragrance greets us right out the front door.



7 thoughts on “Color Surprise

  1. Amazing transformation on those tulips – multiple personality disorder! The hycinths must smell amazing – great planning there. Is that berm covered with sedum or moss?


  2. Oh, it’s fun to watch how some of these tulips change their colors as they mature. This year I am growing ‘Shirley’ tulips. They started life white with red edges. The red has gradually changed to light purple, and eventually the whole tulip turns streaky lavender and white. I do like the shade of orange ‘Daydream’ eventually became!


    • Shirley tulips sound gorgeous, Kimberley! I’ll be sure to look them up. Yes, the orange was highly welcome after the bright yellow. One year I enjoyed planting yellows and reds, but it wasn’t my intention so a big surprise! I enjoyed visiting your blog!


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