As of today we have lived in our new home for exactly two months! I am so thankful.

Driving up steep Coppertop Trail, a mountain road with just three homes, and then turning left, down our sloping gravel driveway, leads first to a couple of parking areas before arriving at the front door.


One of these areas branches uphill to the right and opens to a grassy area and more than two beautiful forested acres. This is the unfenced portion of our land. We have just begun to explore these mysterious acres with their aged mossy trees and the same babbling stream that flows along the side of the house then down to our pond.

From my front door, I can look across the gravel driveway and uphill to that open parking area. The area is to the right of the silvery alder trees:


Hubby and Son have helped me spruce up the area some, making piles of leaves and debris, as well as making a plan to clear a narrow trail through the forest for more explorations. We neglected tidying a large square area piled with broken branches that looked like an ancient foundation for a shed of some type. As the land was divided up and this house was built recently in 2001, we figure the foundation must be from some really old building, perhaps a hunting shack.

I took my rake and shovel uphill with me to do some additional clearing about a week ago. I lifted tree limbs that had fallen onto the square foundation plot and began raking. Here’s what I uncovered:


FOR THE LOVE OF BULBS!! Can’t wait for all of these to open in the coming weeks.



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