The Tuesday View – May 2

Cool temps and showers continue, but spring and all things green are in the air!

I only had my phone camera out with me today so the photos have an odd cloudiness (yes, it’s a bit gray today, but not that gray!) and aren’t my clearest.

First, taken from near the grapevine, is Lupine Hill:


Near the top of the slope, the weeping cherry is in full bloom. The young Lapins cherry tree above it is close to popping.

From the same aspect, one can view the pond, with its relatively unbroken surface, and the greening willow:


And finally, both sides of the low black fence, including a newly-dug bed which will house the new dahlias:


Thanks go to Cathy at Words and Herbs. I’m joining with herย and other gardeners who chronicle the changing views offered by our gardens through the weeks and seasons.

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