I find that I can’t write or really do anything without thinking about my mom. I’ve mentioned her so frequently here from the start, most recently in my last post. Mom left us and went to her glorious, eternal home on December 6 at age 90 after a mercifully rapid decline. What an amazing woman and mother she was, raising six children mainly solo as my dad passed young. There are no adequate words here. The reality of her passing slowly sinks in more each day, yet the sadness is fresh each morning. She was this garden blog’s biggest fan, as my photos and writing gave her glimpses into our life north of her California home. Mom got quite a few chuckles from my writing, too. Although gardening and writing seem inconsequential I’ll make an effort to continue posting because she would want me to. Mom’s legacy is LOVE, the unconditional, life-changing variety. My overall emotion is thankfulness for having almost 58 years in her loving presence. A few times in the past five years when I wrote about her are:  DivineEnd Of August 2015,  and  Saturday Ciderday.

Mom visited Coppertop twice for nice, extended stays, most recently in October-November, returning home with us after a big birthday bash in California. I treasure the memories as the gems they are. The last photo shows her surrounded by her offspring and friends in October.

IMG_6119 (1)IMG_6284IMG_2407.jpg

Appropriately, winter solstice has arrived, and the darkest day is behind us all. We’ve recently been whacked about here by incredible winds, decimating the greenhouse and many trees, but that’s a post for later. Tomorrow’s visible daylight will be six seconds longer than today’s, which undeniably points to spring.

19 thoughts on “Winter

  1. What a beautiful tribute you write to your beautiful Mother – she was a beautiful lady both inside and out and we will miss her too.


  2. March, I can well imagine how you feel about not having your Mother with you anymore. But fortunately you still have most of what she loved, with that large family and your wonderful garden. Keep writing your blog as if she were to read it, and for all we know she may very well be doing so. Our loved ones never leave us because they are part of us.


  3. You are a lucky lady, and your mom is lucky to have such a wonderful daughter. I’m so sorry for your loss, you paint a beautiful tribute for her and she sounds like a wonderful person. She’ll always be with you.


  4. I am so sorry for you. It will be difficult for the first few holidays especially. You can relish the love and attention your Mom gave you and your family and the times you were able to have her all to yourself. Your heart will always be full of Mom’s love. Big hugs.


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