End Of August 2015

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of monthly garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • Transplanted sedum and burgundy dianthus to top of driveway rock wall. early August
  • Planted young maple tree, a gift from Hubby’s co-worker, in the place of our “Wizard” conifer which  stood near the base of the waterfall. Hubby really hated the Wiz, and so it came down. early August



  • Went outside one morning to find our beautiful willow tree broken in half. Definitely not caused by bad weather. A sad day. Pruned away the broken portions and hoping for a comeback for the tree that is now half its height. early August
  • Picked our first yummy Lemon Boy and yellow pear tomatoes, plus jalapeños. mid August


  • Thomas Edison and Mom’s Favorite dahlias are blooming beautifully their first year. A semi-dwarf collarette dahlia, Bashful is a fun addition from Swan Island. mid August


  • Harvested 20+ heads of healthy hardneck garlic, German Red and Blanak varieties. Curing them in garden shed for a couple weeks. mid August
  • Virginia Creeper vines on the black arches are changing to scarlet.  Lilac bushes are transitioning to fall colors as well. late August



  • Sweet peas continue to bloom on the deck and nearby. So happy to share them with my dear mom and other visiting family. late August

IMG_6119 (1)

  • Washington experienced a terrible wind and rainstorm. Two people died in weather-related incidents, and gusts took out power to almost half a million people. Coppertop’s trees suffered; we lost a few large ones in the storm, including a beautiful maple near the pond. late August
  • Plans for apple cider are underway. Wonderful nieces helped with apple harvest (and lots of storm cleanup). late August


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