Six On Saturday – September 1

A new month is upon us! Lots of harvesting happening here, and dahlia season is in full swing, so it makes sense that my Six are about the fruits, veggies and flowers dominating Coppertop right now. To see what’s up in others’ gardens, visit The Propagator in the U.K.

ONE — Apple harvesting has begun with the ripening of fruit on our two Yellow Transparent trees. Hubby has begun fermenting hard cider, his fourth vintage. Two other varieties of apples will require picking and storing this month.



TWO — I have a large raised bed of Giant Musselburgh leeks that I intend to turn into a permanent leek bed by overwintering and also gently peeling off and starting baby leeks as I harvest their parents. The harvest began this week.



THREE — Taking a break indoors from all the harvesting, I appreciate the beautiful peach, pink, and coppery tones of this dahlia, Sherwood’s Peach.



FOUR — Back to the veg garden, it’s been the season to harvest garlic! So far I’m curing about 75% of the crop in the shed. These are Duganski and German Red heads planted Fall 2017. The other heads are yet to be dug.



FIVE — It’s now or never for planting fall and winter crops. This week I transplanted cauliflower and more broccoli, and I have Chinese cabbage and kale transplants still to get in, plus spinach to sow this weekend.



SIX — Another lovely break with a visit to the dahlia cutting beds.


14 thoughts on “Six On Saturday – September 1

  1. Oh goodness, your garden is just so fabulously bountiful! Everything looks healthy and either beautiful,or delicious. I’ve never heard of starting leeks from baby leeks- are they little off shoots, I wonder?

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  2. What healthy plants in your garden March! If my leeks were as big as yours … it would be great! I might have 3-4 like that but otherwise they are smaller.
    About your cider, is it sweet or raw? I live in Normandy, the “country of cider” in France and I like to drink it sometimes. A friend of my wife produces his cider and gives us bottles when we want (he fills about 2000 bottles a year …)

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    • Hi Fred! We freeze a few gallons of raw or fresh cider straight off the apple press and it’s very sweet. The rest (about 20 gallons) is fermented, and to some we add extra spices along with the yeast. After a couple of filterings and stored in bottles, we end up with a crisp, dry cider at 5-6% alcohol. I’d call it “brut”. 🙂

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      • I didn’t know if you know “brut”. Great !
        “Brut” is also the word we use in France but I didn’t know that you used it. Here the cider contains about 6-7% alcohol and they also make Calvados, an alcohol (60-70%)( you probably know)

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