Tulips & Two Birds

At last, late-season tulips, ‘Mt. Tacoma,’ are in bloom on the deck, and they smell amazing! Today’s warm sunshine persuaded them to open.


This is my first time growing this double white variety, and it seems that all 30 bulbs I planted are blooming or will open soon. Success! These remind me of peonies. The other tulips currently blooming are deep purple ‘Ronaldo’, single white ‘Maureen,’ and some orangey red singles just opening which could be ‘Princess Irene.’  I can’t recollect any other bulbs I planted that would open orangey red! I’ve learned that I need to wait until the blooms mature to identify them. What an odd and very late year for tulips at Coppertop. The fragrant ‘Mt. Tacoma’ tulips may just make up for all the unpredictability.



Yesterday while on the deck, I spotted two bald eagles in a tree on the edge of our garden. They’re on the right side of the center tree in a place other eagles or perhaps one of these has visited before, but are very difficult to see. Their distinctive, high-pitched call alerted me to their presence. Perhaps these two are a mated pair and will nest close by. I can hope!


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