Sprouts & Sunshine

A week into February, and we’re enjoying our first crystal clear days in a while. The sun feels glorious!IMG_7465.jpg

For over a week I’ve been starting flower and veggie seeds in the garden shed. Heated grow mats have already assisted the germination process. We’ve purchased 12 feet of fluorescent lighting to hang directly above the plants, a project Hubby will get to in this next week or so. Even though the garden shed boasts skylights and a dozen windows, our northwest days are still so short, and inexpensive supplemental lighting on a timer will work wonders.




Today I sowed a second variety of broccoli, a bunch of black poppies, and three varieties of foxgloves. Most foxglove seeds are pelletized or coated when sold, but one variety wasn’t, revealing just how tiny the seeds are. And I thought poppy seeds were tiny! I prayed I wouldn’t sneeze and gently brushed these minuscule seeds onto the soil’s surface. I’m truly amazed at their huge potential.


On the hill above the stream, snowdrops are beginning to bloom. These are my February favorites.




Below, the masses of snowdrops in Easton Walled Gardens in Grantham, UK, are inspirational. The gardens even feature a Snowdrop Week!



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