Winter Projects

This 3-day weekend brings with it some Valentine’s Day fun along with home and garden projects. Hubby and I are through the worst of a virus and are more energetic than we’ve been for days, but we’re taking things more slowly than usual and stopping for breaks so as not to send ourselves back into the sick realm. Not a place I want to return to.

Scattered showers keep Coppertop soggy, but that didn’t stop us from revamping the greenhouse gravel today. After much weeding, resurfacing, and two truckloads of gravel,  the greenhouse and surrounding area boast a facelift, and all is ready for growing season. Hopefully, this is a project that will only need completing every few years.



Earlier in the week, Hubby wired the garden shed lights. He’s such a good guy. Flower and veggie seedlings pop up daily.



Along the side of the garage, narcissus and crocus shoots emerge in ernest. Other signs of imminent spring:  beautiful hellebores, buds on the lilacs, and the first red sprouts of rhubarb.








2 thoughts on “Winter Projects

  1. It’s so good to read about the promise of spring on this dreary, soggy, windy day – and you probably have the same weather we’re getting just a few miles north of you. My rhubarb is also poking out of the ground, though not with that delightful red colour that yours is showing. Mine has leaves that are more green. Perhaps red will follow. All of my garlic has sprouted, and I planted the cloves far enough apart so that I could grow some salad greens in between, and when the weather is warmer, the garlic can provide shade. I saw that three sweet peas, sowed in October, have poked through the ground – there should be many more down there. My butterfly bush is now staked but an arborist suggested I wait until March to prune back the side branches. The honeysuckle that I propagated last year is determined to not give up the ghost and is pushing forth tiny green leaves. Anticipation is almost (but not quite) as good as harvest when you’re a gardener.


    • Somehow I missed your comment, Sabine! Your idea of garlic and greens intermingling sounds so smart. Hopefully your sweet peas are showing themselves more by now. My own are sprouting in planters in the greenhouse, but only about half have germinated so far. A California sister has had great growth with hers, but they are way ahead of us in garden time. Sun for us this week? Hope springs eternal!


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