Six On Saturday – August 28

It’s hard to believe that summer is only with us for a few more weeks. It’s been a beautiful season here, with flowers, fruits, and veg producing lavishly and some wonderful family visits and garden celebrations. Summer 2021 has been exceedingly dry and warm in the Pacific Northwest, the warmest and driest we can remember since moving here in 2013.

For today’s Six on Saturday, I’m playing catch-up and sharing six summer scenes from Coppertop gardens with oodles of photos. As always, readers may visit other garden posts by visiting The Propagator, the founder of this series, and exploring comments there.

ONE – Our deck has been the site of some great parties this summer, thanks to vaccinations! We are very thankful to have large outdoor spaces to entertain in. Deck pots are bursting with dahlias, petunias, roses, zinnias, cosmos, sweet peas, and snapdragons. The colorful displays have been cheerful and welcoming.

TWO – The gravel area near the perennial garden doubled as a cocktail area for one special party. Last summer we added four wine barrels that now hold a mix of salvias, petunias, and perennial Senecio cineraria (dusty miller).

THREE – The low black fence bed, before the slope to the pond, is beginning to pop with some of my favorite dahlias. Varieties of hydrangeas there include a few Hydrangea arborescens ‘Incrediball’ and some paniculatas. Echinacea peek out from beneath, and climbing roses trail with clematis along the fence. For the garden party that centered on the lawn, I encouraged border tones of pink, blush, and peach intermingled with the whites and deep burgundies. Labyrinth and Hollyhill Black Beauty dahlias are favorites!

FOUR – And mentioning the pond, I’ll add that this week Hubby and Son have been reconstructing the spillways that exit the pond. Messy work! Loads of labor, gravel, and cement in the works. We appreciate our pond and need to keep it flowing properly. It adds beauty, joy, and a haven for wildlife (and grandchildren!) here at Coppertop.

FIVE – I had some help in the vegetable garden at the bottom of our hill recently, with my two grandsons visiting. I got a laugh out of the 1-year-old adorably matching my small yellow cucumbers! In other produce news, it’s been a great year for tomatoes, poblano peppers and two varieties of eggplant in the greenhouse, ‘Hansel’ and ‘Diamond.’ The marionberries have had a fabulous summer as well, with plenty of party guests indulging in their juicy goodness.

SIX – Finally, more about the garden celebrations, because a garden party is pretty much what I thrive on as an avid gardener! I was able to assemble 24 simple floral centerpieces in under an hour for the August 14 garden reception celebrating our daughter’s December marriage. I did learn that my ample cutting beds were essential, since 99% of all blooms came from my own garden, yet I didn’t want to cut every colorful thing in the garden the morning of a big party. A conundrum! The new bride’s big sister frosted a delicious homemade cake topped with yet more beauty from the garden. Thanks to my dear sister Meg for helping bake that whopper of a cake! We couldn’t have done the baking without lovely eggs from our hens, and even the newest additions to the flock are laying now.

So that’s my summer wrap-up. Whew! So much more to mention about this summer, like the abundance of roses and some major tree removal, but it’s not quite autumn yet. Lots of joy remaining and lots of time in the garden to complete a very special summer.

25 thoughts on “Six On Saturday – August 28

  1. Your garden looks fabulous, even the veggie raised beds look so neat! And such gorgeous grandsons enjoying the space. Your decked terrace looks great for socialising and what a beautiful place to have a wedding reception. As Granny says, you work hard and it very definitely shows!

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  2. I so enjoyed reading your post. How lovely to be able to hold a wedding complete with home grown floral decorations in your garden. The cake is gorgeous and what about those eggs? They look so perfect, and are complementary colours.
    I have seen quite a few dahlias on this week’s posts and am encouraged to grow some of my own from seed. It will be interesting to see how they turn out.

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  3. What beautiful charming photos around your house with this very flowery terrace. The barrels filled with flowers are also very successful. You must have spent a great time with your family who enjoyed your large garden. Happy to see everyone in joy !

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  4. Scott, Sarah, (and her boonie dog Nawat) and I will be in Port Angeles Monday afternoon to look at houses for her. Some of the “affordable” ones are near the high school. We’d love to ask you about the area. Congratulations to E!

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