Six On Saturday — June 12

June 12 is a special day in our family. Today marks 44 years since Hubby and I first held hands as high schoolers on a Stinson Beach fieldtrip (it was the 1970s after all). We didn’t marry until our mid-twenties. Truth be told, I still love holding his hand.

The garden has brought lots of joy these days. What’s not to love about the early June garden? Six blooming garden delights follow.

ONE – There is a reason the peony is often called the King of Flowers. I love all peonies and grow many, but my one tree peony, Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Kinkaku’ aka ‘Souvenir de Maxime Cornu’ is truly stunning. It’s been blooming for a couple of weeks, and I find myself continually drawn to the patio where it’s blooming its young, apricot heart out in a large pot. Six buds have developed into flowers about 8″ across and each unique. The fragrance is undefinable and heavenly, like the best fruit salad.

TWO – It’s a good year for our small dogwood tree in the center of the perennial beds, a Cornus kousa. This is the first year some bracts have been so clearly tipped with pink.

THREE – My daughter and I had fun planting anemones and ranunculi in wine barrels after starting the corms in greenhouse trays. The blooms continue well into June and are a vibrant mix of hues. Here are the ‘Champagne Mix’ ranunculi from Floret and some mixed Anemone de Caen .

FOUR – I only discovered Astrantias a few years ago, but have become a devotee. They mix well and expand to fill spots in a few of my perennial beds.

FIVE – One of the last rhododendrons to bloom at Coppertop has deep, dreamy tones. I decided to call it Mysterious Wizard since I didn’t like its given name. Ha!

SIX – Our two barrels of Meconopsis betonicifolia or Himalayan blue poppies are starting to fade after a few weeks of blooms. They still wow me each and ever year. A bit like my hubby. 🙂

31 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — June 12

  1. You will see that I also presented the cornus kousa. But I can see that your flowers are already starting to turn pink, which is not yet the case here… It won’t be long!
    I have never grown Himalayan poppies yet but I have seeds and will try next year. Seedlings are planned for the fall.

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    • I wish you every success with your meconopsis! The cornus here may have been affected by cool weather, and thus the pink tips — it’s really just opened this week! I did visit and view your clear white ones. Lovely!

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  2. Lovely! I too mark the first date with my husband as something special- so I love this!

    Didn’t plant ranunculus this year and I sure miss their sweet faces! The anemones and peonies don’t do well in my hot climate, to my perpetual heartache!

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  3. The ranunculus and anemone are rad! Those are two more flowers I do not grow because they do not last long here. They bloom only in spring, and are not reliably perennial. Nonetheless, I will likely grow them again, particularly anemone. They are so simple, and their red, white and blue colors are so perfect. (I am not so keen on that bright magenta pink though.) I think I recognize that rhododendron as one we grew. I did not like the name either.

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  4. Your peony and rhododendron are beautiful, such gorgeous flowers! I have been growing meconopsis on and off for years and have seedlings coming on at the moment which will hopefully flower next year, I can’t get enough of that gorgeous blue colour!

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    • Pauline, after I visited your site I looked deeper and remembered your meconopsis. We are two of very few growers who have success. I’m happy each year they return and try not to interfere… One year I started saved seed and they made it a few months, but the clumps shown have been faithfully perennial.


  5. How very beautiful! It would be hard to choose a favourite. The peonies are deliciously frilly, and the anemone sweet and smart in its red and white. Or the rhododendron perhaps? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite that colour.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.

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  6. Happy handaversary, a chara! Long may you continue to support one another!
    The dogwood is lovely. I stood against a large one at a garden recently. I’ll try to add the photograph.
    I can see why Astrantia is a good option among perennials. I don’t have them, yet have admired the faintest tints on the flowers.
    Happy gardening.

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  7. The peony is gorgeous I can see why you love it. I am growing Astrantia for the first time this year and am surprised that one is already flowering! I hope they like my garden, some flowers come and go and are never seen again.

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