March Wrap-Up

Spring is here! This month at Coppertop has featured crocuses, primroses, hellebores, and prepping for loads of seedlings in the garden. As of today, we are still awaiting our first blooming daffodil, and hyacinths and tulips will follow. None of our trees are at bud break stage yet. We experience a slow and steady, cool spring here, unlike some places we’ve lived where spring is over in the blink of an eye, with the heat of summer on its heels too quickly. Our patience is slowly rewarded in the Pacific Northwest. VERY slowly. 😉

Of my dozen hellebores, some of my favorites this year are below.

I’ve moved over 15 trays holding hundreds of baby seedlings to the unheated greenhouse, where young plants are gaining strength and stretching their roots as I type. I will soon be overwhelmed by the transplanting ahead. The only babies I’ve moved outdoors are dozens of sweet peas and ranunculi. The garden shed remains the site of germination on a grand scale. I’ve now started over 18 varieties of veggies and will also begin direct sowing the veg garden beds (carrots, radishes, spinach, lettuces and more) next week as the weather warms.

Borders have been getting their spring weeding. The long raspberry row is pruned of last year’s floricanes and brought back under control. All 25+ rose bushes are pruned and fed, and almost all of my peonies are pushing their red eyes through the soil. Plenty of perennials have begun showing off fresh new foliage, from delphiniums to lupines. Some of my 150 dahlia tubers are potted up for a head start, while others are sorted and divided. Yet others have arrived, all fresh and new in their shipping boxes. I normally don’t plant tubers until early May here. Soon we shall see how the 70+ tubers fared that I left in-ground and mulched in the lower cutting beds.

Lots to look forward to in April and many, many more garden tasks ahead! Some of the major tasks include manually edging and re-seeding the lawn, planting some new large shrubs, spreading compost and manure, and transplanting all those dear babies. We’ll be sure to take ample time to soak up the beauty of the spring bulbs.

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