Day 7 – A Week Of Flowers

I’d call this Week of Flowers — the brainchild of Cathy at Words and Herbs — a big success! Although it’s been challenging to keep up with posting daily this week and to consistently visit blogs of participating gardeners, the beautiful blooms shared have been such a pleasure to behold. Thank you, Cathy and all participants!

On this final day, I’m sharing some of the very next blooms we have to look forward to in early 2021 here at Coppertop: Hellebores! I grow about a dozen varieties of Helleborus orientalis on the shady north side of our home, including lots of doubles hybridized in the U.S. These photos were taken in February and March 2020, and as I’ve mentioned before, it’s a bona fide hellebore photo when the gardener’s supporting hand is glimpsed!

21 thoughts on “Day 7 – A Week Of Flowers

  1. Wonderful cultivars! They do well here, but I can’t source them except by mail order. Need to try harder again in the coming season and maybe put in an order. Yes – I’ve found it hard keeping up, but so heart-warming when I do! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  2. Ooh, hellebores! Love them! I have a few starting to flower already (currently frozen solid). That first one is absolutely gorgeous. Any idea of its name? It is hard finding different varieties here but sometimes I get lucky online. Yes, it has been quite a challenge to keep up with all the blogging activity around this meme, but it has been wonderful to see everyone’s flowers and connect to other like-minded people around the world. Thank you so much for joining in March. πŸ˜ƒπŸ€—πŸ₯¨β„️


  3. These are a rather glorious reminder of what’s just round the corner for us. That first bloom is stunning. I’ve been moving self-seeders around the plot, but suddenly I realise that I need new blood! Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi there, Amanda. I hope you and John are well there down the road and enjoyed a peaceful Thanksgiving. I believe hellebores can be planted successfully any time of year when the ground isn’t frozen. They are for sale now then disappear from nurseries during the summer months.


  4. What a lovely collection of hellebores. I’d be hard pushed to pick a favourite, though the first is mahnificent. This will be only the second year I’ve grown them, and I’m so hoping they flower well.

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