Day 6 – A Week Of Flowers

Cathy at Words and Herbs encouraged us to join with others around the globe to offer flowers each day this week — bringing color to this month and a little boost during a challenging time.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite dahlias that blooms from August through October, ‘Breakout’. Her tones change during the season and in varying light from peachy pink to pale gold. She brings a big smile to my face. My followers know I grow almost 60 varieties of dahlias (well over 150 tubers), but ‘Breakout’ is given a generous patch in my garden because of her beauty.

12 thoughts on “Day 6 – A Week Of Flowers

  1. Oh my goodness – 60 varieties of Dahlias – how wonderful! I look forward to seeing more photos when they are all in bloom again. Going by todays photo, with the most beautiful colouring, I’m sure your garden must be superb.

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  2. ‘Breakout’ is a lovely color– peachy tones are among my favorites. 60 varieties – wow, that’s impressive, March! Do you have to lift them in fall or can they stay in the ground? With that many flowers you must have vases full of them all summer long!

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