Six On Saturday — August 8

Let’s jump right in to view some summertime, colorful beauties. As always on Saturdays, gardeners worldwide are posting six garden-related items over at Mr. P.’s blog. It’s like open garden tours across the globe every week!

ONE – Dahlias have begun opening at Coppertop and will shine until first frost, so I don’t really mind that here they hit their stride later than most other locations. I planted 150 tubers in the soil the first part of May. ‘Mollinator’ is new here this year, and I’m enjoying her hot pink cactus style. She plays well with others.

TWO – Jumping down to the rose garden, I completely love ‘Pumpkin Patch’ for her many shades of peachy orange on one floribunda. Bees love her, too.

THREE – Bordering one edge of the rose garden, a generous patch of Phlox panicualata ‘Bright Eyes’ has a home on the side that features golds and pinks. The mingling of her perfume with the roses’ is just about heaven. Behind her, Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’ or goldenrod will be opening soon. Beside her is a trio of ‘Princess Anne’ roses.

FOUR – Some annuals I started from seed were less than spectacular this year. I count on annuals to grace the deck in pots. I had to actually purchase starts (ugh!) of petunias and calibrachoa, which have now filled in nicely. At least the snapdragons, zinnias, and cosmos I started made a showing.

FIVE – It’s time to admit that I never grew begonias until this year. A couple packs of corms planted in pots in early spring have grown into some transplanted, shade-loving beauties scattered all around the garden. I’m pretty sure I’ll grow begonias every year.

SIX – So, I’ll start and end with dahlias. This bronzy bloom is an early one here, ‘Bonaventure.’ I’m a sucker for her delicately-shaded, wavy edges.

Let’s all have a great week enjoying the beauty outdoors as often and as long as possible. Stay safe, people.

55 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — August 8

  1. That’s a huge amount of tubers to plant, they will be giving you a fabulous display. D. ‘Mollinator’ is a beauty – I’ve quickly googled it and I don’t see any reference to it here, I wonder if it goes by another name, or perhaps not introduced to the UK yet?

    The phlox and roses are looking fabulous. I like your idea of being able to position each pot on the deck via its own little wheeled trolley. Clever. Gorgeous summer displays. 😊

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    • Mollinator is from Swan Island, a few hours away down in Oregon. I have become a dahlia enthusiast in the past five years and don’t regret the large time spent digging in and digging out! Yes, the wheeled stands make rearranging so much easier. Off to visit your garden now, Catherine…

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  2. Goodness! You certainly have a lot of color! Phlox is rad! I just met phlox two years ago, when it self sowed in one of our landscapes. It is a perfect white! Yours looks almost like a hydrangea!

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  3. None of my annuals did well this year either. I didn’t get out to buy anything, so my containers are pretty empty. I did sow some new cosmos and zinnia just a couple of weeks ago. They might have time to bloom. I’ve never grown dahlias, but yours tempt me to try!


    • Thankfully, a few favorite nurseries here are open and well maintained (masks, distancing, etc.). Empty pots are not fun, Lisa, but desperate times… I have quite a few empties in the shed awaiting tulip bulbs. 😉


  4. Last year I tried growing petunias from seed. I managed to nurture over 50 plants trailing and bush. I was excited. .. that was until the bloomed. They were pathetic This year we went back to buying established plants already in flower. Like you I plant them in containers and I use them to bring splashes of colour to the garden. BTW, i love the idea you have of all your continers on wheels. I must show hubby.


  5. What a lovely Six. I’ve made a couple of notes for future ideas. I have lots of pots on my patio but the colours aren’t quite right. Your pot with snapdragons, calibrachoa and petunias is wonderful. I had not heard of Pumpkin Patch rose that’s also on my list.

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  6. From one wow to the next, it just keeps getting better! Your garden must be at its peak with all the roses, dahlia, and annuals. And then there are the vegetables as well! You really do have a lot going on, it looks great.

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  7. One hundred and fifty tubers! You will be rewarded for all that hard work!
    I’m glad you’ve discovered Begonias. Again, they are an extremely rewarding plant, although I need to overwinter them carefully. My Six this coming week will be top-heavy with them.

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