Birches & Bulbs

This trio of birches will be bare any day, but right now its golden tones are beautiful.

We’re in the midst of planting 580 tulip bulbs. I couldn’t get it done without help from my sister, Meg, who made the move to Washington in October. Most of the bulbs are from Colorblends and VanEngelen, and almost all are going into containers which are much easier to protect from squirrels and dreaded rot. The first few varieties below are purported to be best for perennializing, so we shall see. We look forward to a great display of the following varieties:

Big Apricot
Big Eartha
Beauty of Spring
French Blend – my favorites from Spring 2019
Pretty Princess – check out the variegated foliage!
White Marvel
Angelique – can’t have Spring without these

12 thoughts on “Birches & Bulbs

  1. Oh my gosh. Is this how many you usually plant? It sounds like so much more! I love every single selection, but the ‘Big Apricot’ and French blend might win out as my favorites.
    I was just convinced that planting was finished here (plus the ground will freeze up this week) but after hearing this I’m tempted to find a clearance sale and pot a few things up!

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      • It’s going to look great!
        Against my better judgement (and partially due to this post, but I would never blame you) I have tulips on their way for weekend delivery. ‘Spryng Break’ is what I settled on but I’m still not sure if they’ll be potted up for the deck or not.

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  2. They are so crowded in the pictures. For that much color in the garden, it would be easier to just paint the ground. tulips are prettier when you can actually see what they are, with a bit of space and foliage in between. They look better in the garden than in the catalogue.


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