Six On Saturday — June 1

Can it really be June already? There’s so much joy to go along with all the work in the garden these days.

ONE – Hooray for poppies! Coppertop’s Himalayan Blue poppies and Oriental poppies have begun blooming this week.

TWO – I’m a big fan of new plants I added to my kitchen window box. These delicate Snow-in-Summer or Cerastium tomentosum join violas and 2-year-old dusty miller that just won’t quit.

THREE – The first early peonies opened this week. White ‘Duchess de Nemours’ grow on Chicken Hill and along the side of the house, allowing some for cutting. Three new, pink ‘Wladyslawa’ Japanese-style peony bushes will be filling one perennial bed soon.

FOUR – The newish bed at the front of the house has come into its own. Crocus, hyacinth, and the camellia blooms have faded, allowing three ‘Royal Purple’ rhododendrons the spotlight right now. The magenta color is a favorite.

FIVE – Down in the orchard, most trees are loaded with mini fruit. Here are babies from the apple, cherry, pear, and plum trees. While some fruit is abundant, it’s looking like a very meager year for apples.

SIX – Second in the parade of blooming clematis (only behind C. Montana), Clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’ is greatly benefitting from a well-weeded bed — evidence that a sweet sister has been visiting Coppertop!

The amiable founder of Six on Saturday is The Propagator. Visit the comment section of his post for links to beautiful gardens around the world.

28 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — June 1

  1. I pity any plant that has to follow the Himalayan Blue poppies! However, the other 5 are lovely, particularly the peonies and clematis.

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  2. I have corydalis flowering a similar blue to your Meconopsis but lacking its elegance, and welsh poppies with similar flowers but in yellow: your blue poppy knocks ’em out the park. The peonies have what it takes too.

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    • Thanks, Jim. I don’t tire of the meconopsis, that’s for sure. I added ‘Porcelain Blue’ corydalis a couple of months ago, and they’re still shining their blue light in the shade.


  3. How lovely and fresh your post looked. Guernsey cream is a stunner and you have a good location for it. I’m a great fan of peonies but I don’t have any in this garden. The two I brought with me refused to flower. I also love the meconopsis poppy but have never dared try it.

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  4. The Himalayan blue poppies don’t succeed here with my soil but they are so beautiful. I see you potted them, maybe that’s the key?
    Lovely last picture with the clematis !


    • Thank you, Fred. One wine barrel of poppies was planted on the shady north side of our home when we arrived. I’ve since added a second barrel. Both are sunk into the earth with only about 6″ protruding. Good protection from all the tree roots and easier to keep moist!

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  5. Beautiful Six from your beautiful garden. Blue poppies don’t grow anywhere near me so it’s always a treat to see them in people’s gardens. Your Guernsey Cream is stunning. Mine finished flowering several weeks ago. It has a much more spindly habit than yours but I still love it

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  6. A beautiful six! And I also have Himalayan Blue poppy envy! In a container, huh. One of these days I shall have to give them a try. The Guernsey Cream is also a winner. So many flowers!

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  7. I love your white peony with the orange geum. The contrast is stunning, and not one you see often.
    And your poppies are beautiful, especially the blue ones. I’m waiting for mine to open, although they are only the annual kind. My first attempt at the annual California poppy, but they are thriving so far.
    Happy Monday!

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  8. Your peonies are absolutely amazing, especially the shots w/the geum. I notice the geum buds are yellow & I’ve one just like that which I’ve been calling Mrs Bradshaw, as I inherited it. Do you know the name. Your white clematis really wowed me as well. With those dark leaves, it looks great against the light coloured trellis & house. And that blue poppy . . . I’ve been seeing those in a few SoS posts & keep wondering if my life would be greatly improved by a blue poppy. Still undecided. Enjoyed your Six!

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    • Hey there, Lora! Yes, the reds are Mrs. Bradshaw. I always enjoy the Guernsey Cream clematis against the shed, as it’s viewable downhill from the house. Another G.C. closer by in full shade is about to burst open this week, keeping the clematis parade rolling on… Have a great week!

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