Early Spring Sights

Happy Spring to all! The snow has melted, plants are pushing up through the soil, ducks have arrived in our pond, and the sun is shining at Coppertop.

Snowdrops have just about finished, crocuses are still going strong, and not one daffodil has opened yet. We’ll be waiting until partway through April for hyacinths and tulips.

Half of my dozen varieties of hellebores have bloomed. Some may look a little worse for wear because of the many feet of snow that held them down for so long.

It feels most like spring because three, sweet Ameraucana chicks have taken up residence!

12 thoughts on “Early Spring Sights

  1. It looks like we are about at the same stage of spring, except my hellebores have not bloomed yet. Your photos are so lovely and I’m sure you are glad all that snow is gone. Love your new girls! They look so sweet!

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  2. The hellebores look great, as do the crocuses. Do you ever get deer eating the crocus flowers? I’ve taken to laying prickly barberry prunings on some of my crocus clumps to discourage them. And those chicks are cute; are you hoping for coloured eggs some day? My mom used to have Araucanas that layed pale blue, green, and pink eggs.

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    • Good to see you Audrey, and thank you. Deer haven’t bothered the crocuses, but most blooms are very close to the house or inside the gated land. Yes, we always have Ameraucanas or Araucanas (some may be “Easter Eggers” and not true to breed) as part our flock since we love the variety of egg colors.

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  3. Wow, your season is significantly later than ours. I know it is a bit late, but did not expect crocus in bloom. They sure are nice. They do not do so well here, and I do not even bother with them. I suppose our season was late too. Daffodils just finished this last week. There are some that I neglected to plant that have yet to bloom! That will be rad, although I know they will be on a normal schedule next year.

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