Six On A Snowy Saturday — February 9

Greetings from Snowy Coppertop on the North Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where more of the white stuff is promised all week as we hover at freezing temps. I’m amazed we still have power, since from all reports, this may be the most snow our area has seen in decades. Thought I’d share six photos of my garden, since that’s what we who follow The Propagator’s weekly theme do. Trees are visible, but no plants are identifiable beneath the 20″ that has fallen in the past 24 hours. We are happy, safe, and cozy. You know where to find us!

Down the hill, our pond has almost completely disappeared
Not the day to have lunch outside
View from our dining room
Snow is higher than our three front steps
Out one of the garage side doors
From inside the garage, looking for the hot tub out there somewhere

27 thoughts on “Six On A Snowy Saturday — February 9

  1. WOW! That is a lot of snow for any place. I hope it’s not coming this way. After having a very wet summer, we went on to have a very wet fall. And then in winter, it takes turns dumping 5 inches of snow or several inches of rain. My back yard is like a swamp from all the precip and freezing and thawing.
    I wonder how long it will take for that much snow to melt. Hopefully it will melt slowly and not leave flooding behind. The truly nice thing about that much snow (as long as you have electricity) is that no one can go anywhere, and it’s an excuse to take a snow day or two and be a kid again, throwing off all outside responsibilities. Enjoy it and be safe!

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  2. What a sight! It sure is pretty, hopefully you can keep enjoying it until it just fades away back into the ground… with just a few of those messy, sloppy days as it melts!
    Glad to hear the plants are all still snug and safe in the greenhouse lol

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    • In today’s brisk and beautiful sunshine I will attempt to dig a path to the greenhouse door. HAHAHA The snow has already slid off the greenhouse roof, so it’s definitely heating up in there.


  3. Okay! You SEE! THAT is why I did not relocate to Washington like every other Californian who fled the influx of everyone coming into California . . . to do to Washington what we hated everyone else for when they did it to California.


    • Hahahaha! Oh, I’m not complaining! I love life up here. Although even my own earliest years were in California, I know what you mean about the transplants. This place is perfect for people who feel done with CA traffic and the general crush of humanity.

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      • Oh, I do not mean to complain about California. It is my home, and I happen to live in a sparsely populated area, just a short distance form San Jose, which is the tenth most populous city in America. It is my home, and I do not intend to leave. I would not mind if those who complain about it went back to where they came from though.

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  4. It’s lovely for the first day or two but quickly outstsays it’s welcome, I find. Luckily we don’t get it very often, nor very much. I’ve seen a foot of snow twice in my life. Decades apart. Do you clear the snow off your greenhouse? Thinking of both the light and weight.


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