Six On Saturday — August 11

I’m back to joining in with this popular meme after a few weeks off. It’s been hot and dry here in Washington State, but happily we expect rain today! Garden bloggers from across the world join in posting Six on Saturday delights in The Propagator’s comment section, here. Click and have a look!

ONE –  The cutting garden at the bottom of our hill has come into bloom with its raised beds of gladioli and dahlias. In a few weeks I’ll probably be filling my Six on Saturday posts with beloved dahlia varieties.



TWO – Summer means green beans! I’ve been harvesting a pound every couple of days. The varieties I’m growing are Scarlet Runner and Purple Podded Pole, and all are from saved seed.



THREE – Despite the dry heat, hardy Fuchsia ‘Little Giant’ along the driveway’s rock wall are in bloom. Another unknown fuchsia beneath the shady black arches hasn’t begun blooming yet.



FOUR – The water lilies are lovely in our pond right now. Each time I pass by I look for frogs on the lily pads, but so far haven’t captured a photo of those speedy creatures.



FIVE – Two varieties of Clematis are busy climbing and blooming currently. Not much is able to improve the look of a chainlink fence better than this purple climber, probably a ‘Jackmanii’.  Also, along the side of the garden shed, two Clematis ‘purpurea plena elegans’ show off their romantic, papery blooms.



SIX – Our long trellis of Marionberries or “The Cabernet of Blackberries” is ripening. I’ve picked maybe two pounds, but will soon be filling the freezer with these delicious beauties.


19 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — August 11

    • For the last four winters that we’ve lived here, I’ve dug them since we’re at 1200′ elevation and get a good amount of snow. I also like to divide them to give plenty away. This year I may attempt to protect just the raised beds of tubers (I have other beds and plenty of pots) with lots of mulch and some plastic to avoid freeze and rot. I haven’t decided if the savings in labor is worth the risk…

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  1. Lovely six. The pink clematis is especially pretty. The beans look great, perhaps I should try them this summer. Do they grow rampantly? I’ve only tried the little bushy ones.


  2. Your lily pads are gorgeous. Your beans’ve also persuaded me to go w/climbers next year instead of . . . no, in addition to dwarf Frenches. Love all the hot colours in this Six.


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