Six On Saturday — June 16

Recent chilly, wet weather has delayed blooming of practically everything this year. My green beans and squash are rebelling! The grey tint to these photos tell a cloudy story. With a warm week finally in the forecast, I imagine much will grow or bloom soon. One can hope.

ONE – Our early peonies are ever-so-slowly opening. First varieties this year are Bunker Hill, Festiva Maxima, and shy Bowl of Beauty.

bunker hillfmbofb


TWO – A very pretty area of the garden right now is one we call the Trio of Birdhouses. Magical foxgloves reign supreme here. Spiraea, weigela, and various herbs fill in the edges. I’ve had fun adding to these Digitalis purpurea with seedlings I start every year or so. ‘Apricot Beauty’ is a favorite.



THREE – The Chicken Hill bed, which I’ve mentioned before, has its white delphiniums standing tall now and ready to pop on the first sunny day. C’mon, sun.



FOUR – Oh joy! The first sweet peas! The fragrance of these ‘Oxford and Cambridge’ is outstanding. Nearby, a few pots of the lovely, lilac-edged  ‘King’s High Scent’ have the spiciest aroma.



FIVE – This beautiful Weigela florida ‘Variegata’ adds nice contrast as a central figure in one packed perennial bed and offers shade to a generous clump of magenta astilbe (yet to bloom).



SIX – New plants in my garden this year, Astrantia ‘Star of Royals’ and ‘Star of Beauty’ have had a good first year from bare-root starts. I look forward to these perennials plumping as they mature.


The Propagator hosts Six on Saturday. Beautiful gardens from around the world are just a click away via the links in his post’s comments. Do visit!

29 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — June 16

  1. Oh, the delicate edging on the ‘King’s High Scent’ sweet pea is gorgeous. I forgot how pretty, and aromatic, sweet peas are. I started some morning glories this year, but no blooms yet.


  2. I love the sweet peas a plant I have no luck growing. I think it is too hot and dry here in my garden. I saw some old fashioned sweet peas growing along a ditch out in the county this week. Reminded me of my childhood. It has been weird weather here too. So many of my plants are stunted.Now the heat of summer is rolling in.


    • You’re right, the sweet peas don’t like the heat, so of course they flourish here. I also have them growing where there’s afternoon shade. And yes, the heat is building here too. Today we will hit 75 degrees, tomorrow a whopping 80!


  3. Oh what great photos of your sumptuous peonies, I love them. I wouldn’t be without sweet peas either but I wish they would last longer in a vase. The bird houses are fun.


      • I put some grass seed in where i recently tore up a concrete walkway. That and the many plants I I this year pretty much ensure I’m going to have to stay on watering, possibly daily or twice daily :0. Last year had some worrying highs but we got through it. All the established last year plants get no special treatment though. I’m using free mulch quite heavily to offset the heat, it’s arguably the ultimate water conservation technique!

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  4. Tell me that’s not Delphiniums towering to the left of your weigela, how tall are they. I want to see pictures of them when they’re out. Slugs and wind make them all but impossible here.


  5. Arrgh how did I miss your six! Ah well found it at last. Love the weigelia best of all. Curious how every person sees a different focus in every six.


  6. ‘Festiva Maxima’ is still the best peony! I know there are better whites out there, but the red specks of ‘Festiva Maxima’ make it look even whiter! It is one of the few popular cultivars that I like.


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