Six On Saturday — May 19

ONE — What is a garden without fragrance? Breathing deeply is absolutely required to take in the nostalgic and sweet perfume of Coppertop’s lilacs or Syringa vulgaris. Some lilacs here have grown to their max height over 15 feet and will be pruned this year. Others, like this row, are at nose-height, and I fully intend to keep their blossoms in sniffing range with judicious pruning.



TWO — A faithful bloomer, Clematis montana is doing its thing at the front of the house. I always find charm in its simple beauty. It leads the clematis parade.



THREE — I planted these Anemone coronaria for the very first time, since they’re some of my favorite flowers. Fall was busy, and I didn’t get the corms into greenhouse trays until February, but now they are thriving in the garden. The white and black last well beyond a week in vases. Next to bloom will be the blue ‘Mr. Fokker’. Hooray for success growing what we love!



FOURAquilegia or Columbine are in full bloom in the perennial beds. My favorites may be the Black Barlow.



FIVE — All the flowers in the strawberry beds have me excited for abundant fruit on the horizon. Last spring we replanted these two beds with June-bearer and day-neutral varieties, Shuksan and Tristar. I’m including a photo of their early days for contrast.



SIX Angelique tulips serve as the caboose of Coppertop’s tulip train. These romantic beauties are more of my favorites.


If you’re eager to see garden beauty from around the world, be sure to visit The Propagator who hosts Six on Saturday, and access links in the comments.

26 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — May 19

  1. I gave up on strawberries due to slug damage, but it has been so wet this spring I don’t know we will have any at the Farmers Market. Perhaps a year without strawberry jam.


      • In my freezer I have a large bag of fruit from several batches of sangria a friend makes. I swear she uses 10 different kinds of fruit. I made jam from this last year and it was pretty darn good. Not strawberry, however, which is my husband’s favorite. My favorite is jam made from Damson plums but I can’t find them anymore, at least in the kind of quantity needed to make jam. I was spoiled by living near fruit orchids which sold pecks and half bushels of fruit at ridiculously low prices. Those orchids are no longer in business. I knew the owners. None of their kids wanted to be farmers.


        • Funny that this week I’ve heard from three others that their husbands prefer strawberry jam! I’m a raspberry and marionberry fan. Those damsons are a little similar to the Italian prune plums I grow, but tarter. Have fun with that sangria jam – yum.


  2. My lilac has been lovely this year. I have been working on the vegetable patch which is near the lilac bush, so the smells have been very pleasant! I have had no success with anemones but maybe I should try again…… your white one looks good.


    • The intoxicating fragrance of lilacs evokes strong memories in many. I wonder if starting all the anemone corms in protected trays indoors helped me. I’m a sucker for that dark eye.


  3. The French Hybrid lilacs are happier there than here. We grew them because there was supposedly insufficient chill for the straight species; which is a bunch of hooey. The straight species does just fine, and is even happier than the French Hybrids! The only advantage of the French Hybrids is the variety of color. I happen to like the white, and sometimes, blue.
    Those anemones ROK! I am not familiar with the specie. The flowers look like other anemones.


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