Chilly temps mean our daffodils still haven’t opened! This one is the exception in hundreds. The delay seems to be a common theme among garden bloggers this year. I’ll just have to be satisfied with the hellebores and crocus for now. I love the varieties of hellebores at Coppertop including these few, and the last is one I added this year.


Exciting news: Meconopsis or Himalayan blue poppy seeds collected from my own plants have begun to germinate. I can’t quite believe how exciting this is to me, and I realize my excitement is comical to some, but I’ll keep dreaming of big, blue beauties.


12 thoughts on “Trying

  1. Oh the anticipation is great. I normally have to worry that all my daffs etc will be gone at Easter when my family comes to visit but not this year. There will be blooms due to the cooler weathers.


  2. Hellebores are among my least favorite flowers, even though we used to grow them. They grow well for us in the nursery, but I have never seen them do well in real gardens. I would like them much more if they looked like yours.


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