Digging November

The snow all melted in rains that have already dumped over 9″ of moisture in a month that normally yields 4.5″ total. So much mud! After a few days of drier weather, I couldn’t wait any longer and dug up the new bed of dahlias. Since the cold weather began with such an unprecedented snowstorm, I can only imagine the freezing temps this winter has in store for Coppertop, and I’m not willing to sacrifice tender dahlias to the cold.


Almost 70 tubers rescued from the muck are now rinsed and drying in the garage before being stored in wood shavings. I’ll divide them in the spring. The dozen Cafe au Lait tubers below were especially floriferous. Hard to believe a month ago I was surrounded by gorgeous blooms.


Today the rains returned. The next break in weather will find me down in the raised bed cutting garden digging the remaining 70+ tubers.  The things we do for (dahlia) love!



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