Seeing Red… & White

Dogwood, viburnum, and maples were boldly wearing their scarlet at the start of November. I snapped photos of the flaming beauty on November 1st.



Those glorious maples make my heart ache. On November 3rd, a huge snowstorm hit Coppertop. The first photo below shows the same maples in front of the shed, broken.


Trees that still held leaves were crushed, and some snapped beneath the weight of the snow. Over a foot and a half of the white stuff shrouded our garden within a couple of days. It’s taken until now to dig out. We are green again. Trees that made it through are tied to fences and other structures for support as they recover. Cords of fresh wood from the broken trees will provide warmth for our home. Change is the only constant in the gardening world, and I’ll just have to adjust to a changed landscape.

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