New Look

I was successful at starting a few dozen Dusty Miller from seed this spring, Senecio cineraria ‘New Look’.  Over time, I’ve tucked these velvety annuals throughout the gardens. One of my favorite uses for them is to add contrast in vases with vibrant dahlias. I’ve already purchased seed with plans to grow them again next year.


This week has been filled with planting garlic and spring flower bulbs, clearing out parts of the greenhouse (some pots of tomatoes are still producing!), tilling and planting cover crop seed in the veggie garden, and starting sauerkraut in the stoneware crock. Fall chores keep gardeners busy.

Besides keeping me busy, a few garden surprises keep me amazed. It’s chilly November, and the unexpected gladiolus and delphinium are in bloom today! Sunflowers are now on their way out. Sometime this week we should dip below freezing, so sad, brown plants are forecast.

novgladnovdelph novsunflwr

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