Bulb Bonanza

Our front steps have been the site of some exciting deliveries lately.  When unpacked, boxes contained treasures like these that have kept my hands deep in the soil.


These weeks I’m in the midst of planting 570 bulbs and corms in areas all over Coppertop. The first to go in were Delnashaugh narcissus bulbs, a beautiful peach daffodil variety I’ve added to the garden at the side of the garage. The below image is from http://www.jparkers.co.uk.


Next were the hyacinth bulbs, Saint’s Parade assortment, from Colorblends that have a new home in our new front bed. Hokus Crocus followed, a great blend of purple and white giant crocus corms also from Colorblends. I was happy to finally add to the Siberian squill I first noticed  at Coppertop in 2014.  I planted small groupings of squill out front and in areas of our lawn.


And, ah, the tulips! The real deal with tulips is that I treat them as annuals. Within the next two weeks I hope to have them all planted. I plant most tulip bulbs in pots and keep them in the garage, out of the way of digging squirrels and chipmunks. Other tulips are going into wine barrels and borders, protected by chicken wire placed below the soil surface. This year’s purchased varieties run the gamut. Combining colors in distinct areas and preventing color clashes takes some planning, but is so worth it. All were purchased from Colorblends and Floret. They are the white Mt. Tacoma; bright purples and oranges of the merry-go-round mix from Colorblends; the pinks/peaches of Angelique, Foxtrot, fringed Santander, and parrot Professor Rontgen; and the excellent contrasting Black Hero. By this list, tulip fans can certainly tell I’m partial to the doubles. About the only colors I won’t plant this year are yellows and reds. Perhaps I had my fill by 2016? Here are some ideas of what we can expect in Spring 2018.





Another newish garden project of mine is to gradually replace some of the hardy geraniums and catmint in the raised bed near the garage, as seen in June just past the peonies.


I’m adding about 90 tiny anemone bulbs or corms into the bed. The varieties are blue Mr. Fokker Anemone DeCaen and the Black & White Anemone Coronaria.


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