Meet Bruce, Our New Rhody


We recently purchased a young, pale pink Rhododendron ‘Bruce Brechtbill.’ We planted it in a semi-shaded area that will eventually feature 5-7 rhodies. Bruce is under two feet tall and will possibly max out at four feet, but we all know plant tags frequently fib. This plant’s elliptical leaves draw the eye.


Eventually, Bruce will have beautiful blooms like these in Oregon.


Nearby, two vibrant, deepest pink (some say red) ‘Nova Zembla’ rhododendrons we planted a few years ago have finally begun to grow well, although they’ve lacked abundant flowers each spring while adjusting to their new spots. The plan is to do away with the lawn in this area and make it a mulched zone filled with rhodies. The area is visible from the kitchen windows and deck, so evergreen shrubs that offer spring color are welcome additions. So much nicer and easier than maintaining a lawn!


I’m hoping that planting new rhodies slightly above ground level and filling in the planting mound with compost will give them a good start. I’ve seen this done with great success at Whitney Gardens on our Olympic Peninsula.

Later this week I’ll share the great plantings we’ve put in at the front of the house. Today may be our last day of sun for a while. and I’m eager to get back out among the dahlias…

6 thoughts on “Meet Bruce, Our New Rhody

  1. Looks like a perfect spot for Bruce, and he’s in good company!
    I would love to give a few fussier rhododendrons a try here but my track record so far has been pretty consistent for them not making it…even the easy ones tend to go belly up… in spite of the wild ones which fill the valleys and mountaintops!
    I’m impressed you were able to pull yourself away from the dahlias long enough to dig a hole 🙂


    • Yes, fall is planting time! As much as I’d like to linger in the blossoms, if we want spring color, we need to be busy now. I’m sorry you’ve had limited success with rhododendrons there. Good thing you’ve had enormous success with so many other great plants!

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