A Fab Start To Fall


While fall has been in our midst for a couple of weeks now, things here at Coppertop are just starting to reflect the change in seasons. This is the first year I’ve grown pumpkins, and I’m pleased with the results! I’ve harvested about a dozen small, but perfect ones.

The vine maples lead the way in the color changeover.


Deck pots of annual color are slowly fading, signaling their exit. Soon vacant pots will be available for planting tulip bulbs. The petunias, snaps, scabiosas, cosmos, and heliotrope persist, and I’m hopeful their blend of peach and purple blooms will last through October.



In the perennial beds, autumn’s stars are the asters and anemones. Asters I started from seed and tucked into gaps are thriving, as are the contrasting heucheras. as1as2as3as4as5as6

Tomato plants in the greenhouse have begun to slow their production. Cool nights mean new tomato flowers are scarce now. Today I harvested lots of cherry, Stupice, and Black Krim tomatoes, serrano peppers, and a few sweet peppers. Some of the most faithful producers this year were the Sweet Million tomato plants. tom1tom2

My heart is full every day when I walk among the dahlias. I’m hoping for another month of their fabulous fall display.


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