September has been loaded with fun trips, family time, many harvests, and great blooms. I even convinced my girls to harvest the big bed of carrots while they were in town. Hooray for helpfulness and close to 80 pounds of carrots!


One of their favorite spots to take a break was near the dahlia cutting beds, as you can see below.


September means dahlias to me. While on a trip to California early in the month I even visited Aztec Dahlias in Petaluma, the home site of some of my tubers. It was interesting to see how far ahead in the season Northern Cal is from us here on the Northern Olympic Peninsula.

Back at home, here are a few of my favorite dahlia shots taken outside and inside during the past weeks. I’m particularly happy with the new selection of bronze, gold, peach, and orange flowers.


The classic, huge, curving, red ‘Spartacus’ and the delicate, waterlily, white with lavender ‘Mikayla Miranda’ have been faithful producers for a many weeks now. Joy in a vase!




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