Crunchy & Sweet

Today I began harvesting carrots in earnest. I’d already pulled a couple pounds and brought them on vacation to serve, but the raised bed of carrots has been calling my name, and I didn’t want to delay any longer. I planted Nantes, Danvers Halflongs, and the last of a packet of Machew Jadaina Koral sometime in April. Somehow the drip irrigation has compacted the soil more tightly around the carrots, and although I’d thinned them months ago, the roots were seriously jammed in. In past years the loamy soil has made harvesting easy; not so with this year’s crop. I gave up after harvesting about 5% or 1/20th of the bed… I guess this will take a while! Here are the 8-10 beautiful pounds I dug up today in all their crunchy splendor, being cleaned for storage. Yum!




4 thoughts on “Crunchy & Sweet

    • Thanks, Bill. Carrots have been relatively easy growers here, besides when voles invaded the raised beds last year. The new wire screening at the bottom of each bed does the trick. Your veggies always impress me!


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