The Tuesday View – July 25

Today’s views at Coppertop include Lupine Hill, the pond, and the low black fence. It’s been so helpful to me as a caretaker of these gardens to make note of these changes from week to week. I’m inspired to keep things tidy, fill some gaps, and just enjoy the beauty of the land we’re fortunate to cultivate. Thanks go to the host of The Tuesday View, Cathy at Words and Herbs.

The beginning of May on Lupine Hill:


And today:

lupine hilllh3

At the top of Lupine Hill a bright area of daylilies blooms. These look to me like Stella D’Oro, but I didn’t plant them so am uncertain. Nearby, one of the many spiraea here shows its hot pink clusters of flowers. The Veronica spicata that Eliza so kindly identified have matured to stand tall and wave in the breezes, sharing space with the masses of yarrow. I now admit that for the first couple of years here, these veronica survived my eager pulling when I believed they were weeds. Oops.



This week the water lilies began opening in our pond. Frogs rest on lily pads and usually jump too quickly for me to catch a photo.

Almost three months ago, uphill from the pond:


And today, with apologies for the odd coloration (new phone camera):


One side of the low black fence at the beginning of May:


And today:


A purple clematis grows up one end of the low black fence and mingles with a climbing rose in need of deadheading. At the other end, a few spiraea mixed with a few Alchemilla mollis make a bright, summery combo. These will keep us in color all summer.



9 thoughts on “The Tuesday View – July 25

  1. Wonderful! Your garden is looking so pretty! I especially love those day lilies and your lovely blue clematis. And the transformation since May is amazing all along the black fence! How nice to have water lilies on your pond for the frogs to jump on. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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