Summer Deck Days


Each summer I fill our main deck with pots overflowing with mostly annuals that we enjoy daily. Months ago I began all of these flowers from seed with the exception of the scabiosas I had purchased as starts.


This year a few evergreen daphnes in extra-large pots anchor the space. One of these, ‘Summer Ice’, remains in bloom, offering its heady, delicious perfume throughout the summer.

As if that fragrance isn’t sufficient, the sweet peas growing up two columns are in full bloom. Their perfume flows indoors on the breezes.


This year’s summer deck pots contain scabiosas, sweet peas, alyssum, white and purple petunias, white and peach snapdragons, white cosmos, lots of heliotrope (yet to bloom), and some herbs. It’s a year of abundance!

sun petunias

6 thoughts on “Summer Deck Days

  1. Your deck is beautiful! The flowers are amazing and you’re right, they’re a completely different palette of colors than mine. I love the blues and white, so cool, and even cooler that you grew them all yourself from seed!
    White is such a bright color, and so nice in the evening. I wish I could use more, but we have that awful white vinyl railing, so white flowers are pointless on the deck.
    I can’t even comment on the sweet peas 🙂

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