Stately Blooms

archYesterday’s celebratory fireworks have me examining tall blooms in the garden with a new eye today! Instead of exploding with sound and sparks, these explode with color.


I can’t get enough of the delphiniums. One unusual variety is blooming in deep purple tones, revealing an unbelievable iridescence. It simply glows. I’m especially enjoying the way the black center bee catches the black of nearby poppies.



I wish I could remember the variety! It’s most likely ‘Black Knight’. I have close to 40 delphinium in pots in the greenhouse for next year, and this time around I remembered to label the starts very well.IMG_2828

4 thoughts on “Stately Blooms

  1. Wow! What a color!
    I have to say though that it’s the poppies that really get me. I didn’t know they came in such deep colors and suddenly wish I had more luck in growing them here.


  2. Those black poppies are striking. I haven’t had poppies grow here more than a season in some time. This color is one that will make me try again. Love all the color.


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