The Tuesday View – July 4

Today we celebrate independence and liberty in the U.S.  Lots of picnics, flag waving, parades, barbecues, and fireworks happening, especially in this small town.  I have quite an independent streak and can only imagine and gratefully appreciate what our ancestors went through to achieve freedom. Happy Birthday, America! Let freedom ring!

In today’s Tuesday View, not much has changed on sunny Lupine Hill, except the flowering of massive amounts of yarrow or Achillea millefolium and the opening of very first daylilies. I’ve been at work cutting back the Centaurea montana and await the drying of lupine pods for seed harvest. Lupine Hill shown at the beginning of May and today:


This blue flower returns in clumps on the hill each year. Can anyone identify it? Definitely not linaria, although these young buds resemble it.question


There are big changes in the pond, shown at the beginning of May and today. I love the filtered light in the grasses and anticipate the water lily display.



Uphill, here’s one side of the low black fence two months ago and today, filled out with dahlias and a bright, unidentified climbing rose:


And the other side of the fence in May and today, where Campanula sarastro is looking good:


Thanks go to Cathy at Words and Herbs who hosts The Tuesday View, encouraging gardeners to document their changing gardens each week.


5 thoughts on “The Tuesday View – July 4

  1. It all looks wonderful – seeing the contrast to May is amazing! I love Achillea and those pale pink ones are very pretty. Hope you have had a lovely holiday today! 🙂


  2. Happy Fourth! Our small town is quieter than usual as it seems that everyone goes away. Fine by me– The birds’ singing can be better enjoyed.
    Your campanula is stunning and I believe your mystery plant is Veronica spicata.


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