The Tuesday View – June 27

I’m enjoying posting along with Cathy from Words and Herbs and other gardeners around the world in showcasing the changing views our gardens offer through the weeks.

Today we return to Coppertop’s perennial beds. This is an area of six raised beds with a circular bed in the center.

Here is the view way back on April 25 and the view today from two angles, with part sun/part shade making photography challenging:




This week’s stars are the delphiniums. I love them! It’s been fun adding to their mass each year. So far just one variety has opened, and I’m hoping for a whole month of blooms.


Although most of the flowers in these beds are blues and whites, there are a few spots of pink, yellow, red, and black with weigela, geum, and poppies.weigelageumpoppyblpoppyblpoppies2

A lovely fragrance envelops these beds now that the white Rosa rugosa has begun to bloom in the center bed. Nestled beneath it and other large plants, Campanula persicifolia peek out. Although many gardeners consider them weeds, I’m always charmed by these bellflowers.


Catmint and hardy geraniums overflow a few of the beds. It’s time to cut them back for a second flush of blooms, but visitors arrive this weekend who would enjoy seeing the abundance first.catmint

On the back side of the grapevine arch, one unnamed clematis is putting on a show.


Uphill in the black arches, another clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’ is a bright spot in all the shade. This cool spot in the garden was a welcome respite during a couple of hot days we endured this past weekend.


Shown April 25 and today:



From the deck just outside the kitchen window, the view to the black arches (in the shady distance) is currently a riot of color.blarch

And from beneath the arches, the view of the foxglove border grows more enticing each day.



8 thoughts on “The Tuesday View – June 27

  1. It is all so lovely, March! I really love that dark poppy and the white rose. The foxglove border must also be such a pleasure. Beauitful Delphiniums too. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks, Eliza. The poppies are from a seed packet of black peony poppies from two years ago, perhaps from Baker Creek (don’t remember). The seed I saved last year came back as both doubles and singles. 🙂

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  2. What a change, I love the comparisons. Your delphinium are impressive, every bloom here is a struggle so it’s nice to see them doing so well. The arches are something I’m tempted to copy. It must be a great entry and exit to go underneath and have the garden all around you 🙂


    • Thank you! It really is fun to finally live somewhere I can grow delphs to my heart’s content. We love the arches and take no credit for their installation since the previous owners built them to connect a fenced dog yard (which we took down) with the garden.


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