Peony Delight


The warmer weather has caused our peonies to burst into bloom. While most of the northern hemisphere enjoyed their peonies a month or two ago, at last it’s our turn, and we’re soaking in all the beauty and incredible fragrance. I’ve been snapping photos for the past few days of our Bunker Hill, Bowl of Beauty, Sarah Berhardt, Festiva Maxima, and a few unidentified varieties. It’s a floriferous year for peonies at Coppertop!peon2peon3peon4peon5peongar1gar2gar3gar4gar5

Hubby, my favorite weeder, must have been inspired by all the meticulous gardens at yesterday’s local garden tours…


3 thoughts on “Peony Delight

  1. Beautiful šŸ™‚
    You are a little later than us but not by much, and after a few hot hot days I admire those in cooler climes a little more!
    Nice to have weeding help. We also had some local garden tours this weekend and the lack of weeds was something I was surprised to see all over… of course today I was shamed into doing a little weeding as well…


    • Thanks! It can be discouraging viewing others’ blooms for weeks on end while waiting for ours to show, but I know it makes me appreciate the blossoms even more. It’s good to remember that comparison is the thief of joy (so just weed until YOU’RE content!).


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