Greenhouse Tomatoes


This is my fourth year in a row growing tomatoes in large pots in Coppertop’s greenhouse. I remain thankful for the great supplies of seeding trays, pots, and cages left for us by the previous owners that aid our tomato bounty each year. Additionally I am thankful for the rich compost we produce that I add to vermiculite and peat for the potting mix.


These tomato plants have a permanent home in the greenhouse all summer. Moving their huge pots in and out doesn’t add to their success and is an unnecessary strain on me.

I thought I might cut back on varieties grown this summer. Well, that didn’t happen, especially since Son now works in a nursery and brought home three varieties of cherry tomatoes:  Sungold, Supersweet 100, and Sweet Million. From new seed I’d already begun Black Krim and Barry’s Crazy Cherry; from leftover seed came the Stupice, Yellow Pear, and Sweetie.  So the eight varieties are the most I’ve ever grown, five being cherries that do best here with our short growing season and cool nights. All in all, I have TWENTY pots of tomatoes in the greenhouse. Yep, twenty.close1close3

Besides tomatoes, the greenhouse shelves are currently filled with varieties of peppers, delphinium, dusty miller, marigolds, basil, and various veggie starts. Today the doors and windows are wide open and the bees are buzzing in and out. Lots of magic happening!



4 thoughts on “Greenhouse Tomatoes

  1. Everything sure looks happy, and I detect a bit of an organizer in you. It’s so neat and well kept it must be such a pleasure checking things out. I can already taste the sungolds!


    • You might detect correctly, Frank. 😉 Most months things are pretty neat, some months they’re not. Balance is important! We’ll be waiting close to a month even for the earliest tomatoes, but they will taste stupendous.


  2. I grow my tomatoes in pots too, but not in a greenhouse. Reason is tree roots. This year, as an experiment I planted one plant in the ground. It’s doing poorly, hardly growing at all, while the ones in pots are flourishing. Not much grows well near Norway maples, and I have two huge ones.


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