The Tuesday View – June 13


Lupines and irises bring color to Lupine Hill this week. Along the edge, lilacs are fading while still offering their sweet scent.


This Spiraea prunifolia or bridalwreath spiraea is a mound of white flowers. I’m uncertain of the exact cultivar.


A favorite with pollinators, Centaurea montana — also known as perennial cornflower  and mountain bluet — has a penchant for spreading. I enjoy its clumps of purple flowers resembling sparklers, so I just pull them when they get too greedy or appear in odd places.


Not much has changed in the pond lately, so I’ll skip that view today.

Over at the low black fence, plants are looking a bit more summery, even in today’s clouds.


This week’s star is the Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum, shown from the deck. Its branches are filled with lacecap flowers arranged horizontally with leaves below. They light up this border of shrubs. Most likely it is the cultivar ‘Mariesii’ or ‘Summer Snowflake’.


We’ve had three glorious weeks of blooms from the Clematis montana.


Of the 70 dahlia tubers planted in the new bed, well over 60 have sprouted. Not a terrible percentage! Recently I read that dahlias are genetically programmed to start producing flowers once the days begin to shorten after mid-summer. I’m looking forward to a great display later in the summer.


Thanks go to Cathy at Words and Herbs and others with whom I join in showcasing our gardens’ Tuesday View as it changes through the weeks and seasons.

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