Cream Rises

Clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’ that is.


Early June is bloom time for one of my favorite clematis here at Coppertop. It’s a youngster I planted along the garden shed a couple of years ago. The vine is more filled with blossoms than last year and should give a second, smaller showing in fall.


Another ‘Guernsey Cream’ is climbing up the shady black arches and should bloom in the next week or so. I would add these all over just to enjoy their stunning, large, pristine blooms! Guess it’s time to learn to take cuttings of clematis.


6 thoughts on “Cream Rises

  1. What a beauty! Do you see any ‘cream’ in it? It looks like a touch of lime maybe, but no cream 🙂
    Even I can grow clematis from cuttings, you’ll probably find it easier than you think… considering how impossibly thin and twiggy the vines look.


    • Well, the blooms are definitely a creamy white vs a bright white, and yes the center stripe on petals is deeper, which my photos don’t show well. Your wise words have bolstered me and (dang it) I’m going to attempt some rooting. Seed starting I’ve somewhat mastered; cuttings, not YET. 😉


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