The Tuesday View – May 16

What a rain-filled, chilly week at Coppertop! Between rainstorms I accomplished some weeding and transplanting of greenhouse plants, but that’s about all I was able to do in the gardens due to the saturated soil. A few lawn areas and portions of the veggie garden and kitchen garden are flooded. The deck pots of early tulips are taking a beating, and mid to late-season tulips are yet to bloom. Our forecast promises over a week of sunshine and warmer temps beginning tomorrow. Perhaps spring will feel like spring at last.



Today I return to views of the perennial beds and black arches. In the perennial beds, the Aquilegia are ready to pop open. A few Clematis, climbing roses, and Rosa rugosa appear much fuller. The bed of poppies is expanding, and even the grapevine is showing signs of life. Green is the obvious color, with not much in bloom yet, but the Heucheras, various Lamiums, and faithful Myosotis sylvatica offer spots of color.

Three weeks ago:











Uphill at the black arches, the golden hops and hardy kiwi show the most growth. The buds on my ‘Guernsey Cream’ clematis have me excited, since it’s one of my favorites. Oak leaf hydrangeas did survive our crazy winter and finally show swelling at the leaf nodes.

Three weeks ago:








Thanks go to Cathy at Words and Herbs and others with whom I join in showcasing our gardens’ Tuesday View as it changes through the weeks and seasons.

toward house

5 thoughts on “The Tuesday View – May 16

  1. Wow, what a difference in just three weeks! Love the archway – does your hardy kiwi really produce kiwi fruits? I am intrigued! I bet the arches provide some nice shade in summer. Your aquilegias are a few days ahead of mine, but the poppy leaves look at about the same height as mine. Very enjoyable seeing your garden, March. Thanks for sharing!


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