The Tuesday View – May 9

I’m joining with Cathy at Words and Herbs who hosts The Tuesday View, a meme showing the view of one or more of our gardens throughout a growing season. I’ve chosen to alternate views between a few areas of Coppertop on Tuesdays.

Today’s all about the organic vegetable garden, where each raised bed and some of the field space is now planted. This season I started almost everything from seed. I’m growing arugula, asparagus, assorted baby greens, beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, kale, lettuces, peas, spinach, and swiss chard. Photos are from both ends, and you can see the Montmorency cherry tree beginning to bloom in the orchard in the second photo.



The entrance arch will soon be covered with a mass of blooms. Thanks again to Hubby for adding my great alder chip pathways last month. These are helping me stay on top of the weeding.



The overwintered crops of kale and chard are way ahead of the other beds, ready for harvest. Arugula is planted in one of the huge beds with picturesque bronze beauty and romaine lettuces.



A few days ago I was able to work the field which was finally dry, planting three varieties of potatoes:  Red Lasoda, Yukon Gold, and Banana fingerlings. On the right side of the field, the asparagus is just coming to life.



One thing that makes me absurdly happy is watching the peas and beans climb! I protected the pea seedlings this year with cut off plastic juice bottles; last year every single pea sprout was eaten by voles and/or slugs, but the beans were left alone. The couple varieties of beans are enjoying our warmer days.


Dividing the beds from the orchard, the raspberry trellis is filling in nicely. Can’t wait for those yummy berries!


8 thoughts on “The Tuesday View – May 9

  1. Your vegetable garden looks very well thought out March, and it will be interesting to see how it progresses. I like that idea with the bottles for protecting the pea shoots.


  2. Your veg garden looks great! Rabbits ate my peas last year. This year I have none. Maybe I will try this juice bottle trick next season. It is too hot here already.


  3. What a superbly tidy vegetable garden you have! Makes me blush when I think of my own. Good idea with the bottles around the peas. I don’t have that problem with peas, but I do with clematis (the ones that get cut hard back each year) and I use the same trick. Oh, your asparagus shoots had me salivating … that’s the kind of crop a home veg plot is intended for, isn’t it? Have a good week.


    • Thank you, Cathy. Don’t be blushing since you haven’t seen all the messy areas of my garden! Yes, asparagus is one of my favorite veggies to grow — and consume. You have a good week also.

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