The Tuesday View – April 25

For the first time, I’m joining with Cathy at Words and Herbs to chronicle the changing views offered by Coppertop gardens through the weeks and seasons. Previously I’ve posted “Before & After” updates, and this will be a more consistent approach. I’ve enjoyed viewing the amazing progress of others’ gardens in this weekly format, and so I figure it’s time to join in by offering a starting point for my own comparisons. I plan to alternate and return to each view after a few weeks to cover more garden area, from the veggie beds to the shady, north side of the house, as well as the views I’m beginning with below.

The perennial beds today:


The pulmonaria is especially vibrant right now, along with the native red flowering currant, Ribes sanguineum.

The black arches today:


The ligularia on the left of the first photo have pushed through, and the hops and other vines are beginning their rapid climb.

6 thoughts on “The Tuesday View – April 25

    • I appreciate that, Sabine! I get great pleasure watching the plants return and adding to them with enticing, new plants. 😉


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