Sprouted & Growing


I just realized it’s been months since I updated my list of seed starts. My winter hours in the 15 x 20′ garden shed, listening to tunes while planting, watering, and completing other garden chores, have been cozy and have kept my fingers in soil and my creative juices flowing. Every seed has been planted in potting mix I’ve made in batches. Mainly because my watering cans were freezing solid overnight, in January we began using a space heater in the shed. Since then, time spent there has been a welcoming, warm retreat in the midst of a cold, snowy winter. As seedlings mature I move them to the unheated greenhouse.


This list helps me keep track of progress and gives me a reference for future growing seasons. The number in parentheses indicates how many varieties or colors of a particular plant I’m growing. This year I’m starting many new-to-me flowers as well as finishing off packets of older veggie and flower seeds. Some have been growing beautifully; others have not, with just a few seeds germinating. I’ll write about the flops and successes another time.

Currently in the garden shed, with supplemental light and/or heating mats: 

FLOWERS:  aquilegia/columbine (3), anemone madonna snowdrop, aster new york, borage, bells of ireland, campanula, eryngium/sea holly (2), foxglove, heuchera (2), hollyhock, kenilworth ivy, monarda/bee balm, rudbeckia, snapdragon (2), sunflower (4)



VEGETABLES: bean (2), broccoli,  brussels sprout, cauliflower, corn, cucumber, kale (3),   lettuce (2), pea (2), tomato (5)



Already moved to unheated greenhouse:  delphinium (4), dianthus (3+), lupine (3+), nasturtium, peony poppy, sweet pea (3+), wall rockcress



Still to start:  cosmos, dusty miller, heliotrope, all herbs, meconopsis, pepper, petunia, zucchini (currently there are no vacant seed trays nor space on the mats)

To direct sow: arugula, beets, carrots, spinach

Son has set up his own grow zone in a corner of the shed, where he is currently growing spinach, salad mix, arugula, and marigolds. I love that he shares my gardening passion!

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