Three Years In

How can it be that I’ve been writing about Coppertop gardens for three years?! I clearly remember snapping and sharing a photo of a little cup full of snowdrops on March 5, 2014, like it was yesterday. I’m immensely thankful for the learning process, the joy these gardens bring, and the fun, smart people I’ve met along the way.

Our nights of snow showers have been followed by days of massive melting. We’re sporting half green, half white, and no blooms yet except for hellebores and a newly-purchased trio of Daphne odora, personal favorites.




Even the daffodils are awaiting more sunshine to show off their cheery yellow, white, and peach blooms. A large Dicentra spectabilis has successfully pushed through the soggy earth this week, and I’m eager for its delicate, white blossoms. I would divide it to add to the gardens, but I don’t want to risk it in this volatile weather. Spring, come soon!



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