New Bird Sighting!


It’s always exciting for me to spot a new visitor to these gardens, especially in the bleak midwinter. This past weekend during a temporary thaw, a pair of Hooded Mergansers enjoyed our pond. I enjoyed their funny beauty — especially the female’s backswept hairdo.


The pair took turns diving for treasure. I wasn’t able to snap the best pictures since I knew they would fly off if I even opened the door to the deck. Sure enough, as soon as Son tried to step out and get a closer shot, off they flew in a hurry. Let’s hope they return. I’ve added them to my guest book of feathered visitors!




Now the pond is frozen again and we are buried. Hubby is like a little kid in the white powder. Note:  The nose (on the snowman, not the husband) is a special one he (the husband, not the snowman) selected from our basement storage — a yellow French heirloom Jaune Obtuse du Doubs carrot! Now the snowman just needs a beret. Ouí?




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